Our popular art classes are experience-orientated, not results-orientated. Participants young and old learn techniques like professional artists. We accompany them as they playfully learn painting (watercolour, acrylic), drawing, collage, printmaking, relief and intaglio printing, drypoint etching, linocut, flat printing, plaster and clay, ceramics, photography and video, performance, woodwork, objects/sculptures (wood, mixed media, ytong, soapstone), textile design and more.


In the freiraum vaulting studio, children have fun above all else. And a space for development with free access to our (almost) unlimited range of materials and techniques. Everyone can discover and try out everything.


Where are my friends? The nails?


– A., boy, 5 years old



freiraum offers art classes on fixed weekly dates for mixed-age, small groups with a very good supervision ratio.


Dates and times

Mondays          16:00-17:30
Tuesdays          15:30-17:00
Wednesdays   15:30-17:00
Thursdays        16:00-17:30
Fridays              16:00-17:30



Trial month     70 EUR
6 months         85 EUR / month
12 months       75 EUR / month


Info call and registration

Every child is unique. Do you have any questions about our courses? Please send us an e-mail to info@kunstschule-freiraum.de or call us on 030. 275 965 28.

You can download a course contract (trial month or longer-term) here.


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I mixed all the colours that the others said weren’t nice.

And now everyone says the picture is beautiful.

– Hans, 10 years old



for everyone.



Every child who would like to take part in a course at freiraum is welcome.


We offer a scholarship to children from low-income families.

Get in touch with us!


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