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Creativity is an important key to your inner balance and the development of your personal strengths. In the creative process you discover new things and strengthen your inner core. Enter into an artistic dialogue with Ulrike. Learn more about your skills. Discover new perspectives. Gain new technical skills.


Find out in individual coaching sessions

• how to formulate your creative thoughts and develop them into artistic ideas
• how to realise ideas while keeping your focus on the essentials
• how to activate your creative potential and find your very own way of expression
• what your creativity means and enables you to do in everyday life and at work
• how the interaction of eyes and hand leads to balance and strengthens your self-confidence


Boost your artistic strength

• through playful exchange and the discovery of new perspectives
• through diverse conversations and artistic impulses that lead to new ways of thinking
• through various art techniques and forms of expression that you can expand or learn about for yourself


kunst. macht stark.

At freiraum you can experiment freely and realise almost anything: Painting, drawing, collage, printmaking, relief and intaglio printing, drypoint etching, linocut, flat printing, plaster and clay, ceramics, photography, woodwork, objects/plastics, textile design and more.


Ulrike is your personal coach for creative work, discussions and reflective exchange, impulses and background information from contemporary art and art history, as well as joint studio and museum visits.



Info call and registration

Every person is unique. Do you have any questions about our coaching sessions? Please send an e-mail to ulrike@kunstschule-freiraum.de or call us on 030. 275 965 28.



by arrangement



Coaching session 60 Min.         80 EUR
Coaching session 90 Min.       120 EUR
Coaching session 120 Min.     150 EUR

Ulrike is very supportive in her calm and positive way and it’s fun to learn from her. She has a clear concept and creates a space in which you can always go one step further.


– Tanja L.